Carbon & Sulphur

Automatic Carbon and Sulphur analyser ACS 800 provides analysis of C and S elements in lime burning and cement applications.

  • Carbon & Sulphur Analyser

Carbon & Sulphur


  • Fast & frequent analysis enables the plant to implement fast process optimization
  • Optimum conditions for product quality improvement 
  • Automatic sampling ensures consistens and correct sampling
  • Reduces human exposure to hazardous environment


Automatic Carbon and Sulphur analyser ACS800 provides analysis of C and S elements.

The analyser consists of C&S analyser type CS800 Eltra, bypass tube for the material input with valve for connection to discharging system, precision dosing system with balance Sartorius, automatic dosing of additives, manipulator for crucible handling, crucible storage, calibration sample storage, sample discharging system, oxygen connection and control.

All internal sample and crucible handling is performed in fully automatic mode. The analyser is located in a steel box suitable for industrial environment.

It is recommended, for at-line applications, to install the analyser in an IP65 rated enclosure/shack/container.

Control system of the analyzer is based on Siemens S7-300 PLC with a touch-screen operator terminal. The software controls automatic analysis cycle, manual or automatic sample loading and enables local and remote diagnostic, alarm & event reporting, analyzer calibration and data presentation.

The connection to an external control system is provided via Ethernet or Profibus. Remote access to data diagnostic is supported by modem.


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