Linear Falling Stream Samplers

Linear cross stream sampler are designed for the primary or secondary sampling of falling streams from conveyor head chutes, belt feeders or vibrating feeders.

  • Indtroduction
  • Ball Screw Linear Sampler
  • Belt Drive Linear Sampler

The sampler drive assembly is installed above the sample stream discharge point. A custom designed cutter is bolted below the sample cutter carriage. As the cutter moves below the drive assembly it is designed to intercept the complete sample stream and has the capacity to accept the total sample cut. The cutter traverses perpendicular to the sample stream and the aperture size is at least three times the width of the largest particle size being sampled.
The samplers are electrically driven with a ball screw drive mechanism or a toothed belt drive mechanism depending on the stroke and loading of the cutter. This ball screw mechanism produces a very short acceleration and deceleration period and ensures that a constant speed is maintained by the cutter as it traverses the sample stream. The toothed belt drive mechanism allows for very long stroke lengths with single or synchronised double belts.
The sample cutter carriage is fitted with heavy duty “V” shaped wheels to ensure material does not rest on the rails.
The sampler is fitted with proximity switches and adjustable proximity switch targets to determine the stroke length and to ensure that the cutter parks clear of the sample stream. It also has mechanical override limit switches as an emergency stopping device.

Typical Falling Stream Linear Sampler

The installation of the falling stream linear sampler at the discharge end of a belt conveyor is the internationally preferred method of sampling the conveyor.
Correct design of the cutter shape and positioning is critical to obtaining a correct representative sample.


Linear Samplers

Belt Drive:

  • BDLS 40
  • BDLS 60
  • BDLS 80


Ball Screw Drive:

  • BSLS 25
  • BSLS 40
  • BSLS 50

Model BSLS 25-1000:

  • Primary, secondary or tertiary sampling applications
  • Feed rate: <500 TPH
  • Max. belt width:

Model BSLS 40-1800

  • Primary or secondary sampling applications
  • Feed rate: <3,000 TPH
  • Max. belt width: 1,400mm


Model BDLS 80-3500

  • Feed rate: 7,000-16,000 TPH
  • Max. belt width: 2,500mm

Model SBD 3700

  • Primary sampling applications
  • Feed rate: 7,000-16,000 TPH
  • Max. belt width: 2,000 mm


Bulk Commodity Sampling

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