Pyroprocessing Gears

FLSmidth Minerals Gear Engineering has more than 100 years of gear design experience allowing us to offer many different options to our customers for both new machines as well as replacement gears to update machines.

Pyro Gear
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Girth Gear designs include flange and spring mounted gears manufactured using cast steel, ductile iron, and fabricated gears in straight and helical cuts to match the customer’s budget and timeframe.

The material for the gear set will vary depending on the application from a normalized carbon steel to a quench and tempered high alloy steel to carburized case hardened teeth which are considered to optimize strength and durability rating of the gear set thus allowing us to offer more cost effective gear set to our customers.

Our specialized engineers ensure that our customers receive the highest quality gears and service available. From day one, your gear is optimized for strength, durability, cost, and quality. All gears sold by FLSmidth endure rigorous quality testing before ever reaching the field. We continually strive to improve our customer satisfaction, making each customer’s gear set our priority.