Kiln Graphite Seal

FLSmidth has developed an efficient kiln graphite seal, which reduces maintenance and fuel consumption and increases production capacity and lifetime of the vital seal components.

Kinl graphite seal
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Efficient sealing

The new FLSmidth kiln graphite seal is designed to optimise the operation pressure stability by preventing false air from entering the system. Furthermore, the seal reduces the release of hot gasses and dust particles from the kiln. Unlike other block seals on the market, the FLSmidth graphite seal uses a staggered arrangement with two rows of graphite blocks held in place by a wire rope system. This ensures an efficient seal against the outer air casing.

The design allows the graphite blocks to move independently with the radial movement of the kiln without the graphite blocks getting stuck or damaged. Locking plates installed on the rear flange prevent false air from entering into the kiln system. The graphite seal is designed to withstand radial runout up to ± 50 mm as standard – this can be increased on request.

The graphite seal can be delivered with a heat-resistant steel shovel arrangement, which effectively collects any back spillage and returns it to the kiln.

The casing, hopper and ducting serve as a material buffer and guide the excess raw meal to a bin or conveyor system. The hopper is designed with a sloping plate to avoid the dust build-up at the graphite sealing. A slide gate installed in the bottom of the hopper will allow any accumulated material to be disposed to the bin or conveying system when required.

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Fast, easy installation

To reduce downtime during installation, the kiln graphite seal is designed with a modular frame that allows for a large amount of pre-assembly. To ensure optimal quality and the straightness of the flanges, all FLSmidth graphite seals are preassembled in the workshop to ensure the straightness of flanges. The modular frame includes locking plates, distance spacers and guide blocks that guide and secure the position of the graphite blocks, thus maintaining an efficient sealing.

Depending on the scope, the typical installation requires 7 to 10 days.  

Retrofitting kiln seals

The kiln graphite seal is highly flexible in design and easily adaptable to any size of kiln – regardless of whether the kiln is manufactured by FLSmidth. The graphite seal modules are designed to integrate with the existing casing and cooling mantle without any modification. Other existing equipment such as kiln shell, fans and hoppers can easily be adjusted, which helps keep the installation cost to a minimum.

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Savings calculator

Use the savings calculator to estimate the operational savings that you can achieve by replacing your current sealing solution with our new kiln graphite seal.

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