Heavy-duty Roll Breaker Modular Frame

Meet the roll breaker that’s heavy on clinker but light on costs and maintenance

  • The basics
  • Design
  • Maintenance

Key benefits

  • Handles oversize clinker – fewer kiln interruptions
  • Highly reliable
  • Low-maintenance, cost-efficient operation
  • Easy to operate and maintain
  • Modular – mid-cooler installation option
  • Built to withstand very high clinker temperatures
  • Automatic roll reversal when maximum capacity is reached
  • Rugged high torque planetary reduction gearbox
  • Motion detectors on all shaft assemblies
  • Variable speed drives
  • No requirement for chain curtain or grizzly bars

How it works

As clinker moves across a series of transport and crushing rolls, clinker fines are separated from larger pieces by passing through measured gaps to the material handling system.

Larger pieces are conveyed to a unique, patented shaft arrangement designed to effectively crush large size clinker, giving the roll breaker higher run time and increased reliability.

The HRB MF can handle extremely high clinker temperatures of up to 550° C. This enables it to be installed as a mid-cooler breaker – an alternative to installation at the point of cooler discharge. In this position, the roll breaker significantly improves heat transfer: The large clinker pieces carry the most heat, and crushing them helps release it.

When the breaker’s maximum load capacity is reached it triggers an automatic reversal of the direction in which the rolls move.

Unique shaft arrangement

The shaft arrangement consists of transport rolls coupled with heavy-duty crushing rolls – one crushing roll uniquely positioned below the other on an otherwise horizontal plane within the frame. The cavity thus created enables the roll breaker to crush extra-large pieces of clinker.

In addition, the crushing segments of the breaker have an interlocking design, which facilitates shaft reversal in the event of a jam.


The HRB MF can be installed as a mid-cooler breaker on traditional or cross-bar coolers as well as at the discharge of the cooler.

When installed mid-cooler, the breaker facilitates clinker cooling. This is because the cooling rate is largely determined by the conduction of heat from the centre of large clinker pieces to the surface; breaking them up cools them off more quickly.

Low-maintenance design

As with all FLSmidth equipment, the HRB MF is designed to keep maintenance at a minimum. Compared with conventional clinker crushers, the roll breaker runs slower, generates less dust and noise, and experiences less wear. The low-maintenance design helps contain costs.

The HRB MF features:

  • Replaceable crushing segments
  • Replaceable liners and heat shield
  • Minimal impact and wear on non-dynamic components
  • Long service life