Counter Current Cyclone

A new concept in cyclone technology. More capacity – less energy.FLSmidth’s new counter current cyclone (CCX) delivers cement
plant owners greater opportunities to reduce initial installation expenses and improve plant operations.

  • Basics
  • Costs
  • Upgrades

Key benefits

  • Lowest civil and structural costs of new preheaters
  • Lowest operating costs
  • Low installation costs
  • Lightweight construction 
  • Fast, simple installation 
  • High flexibility for retrofits and upgrades

Greater operating efficiency

One of the CCX’s ground-breaking technologies is the counter current heat exchange concept. Developed by FLSmidth, this reduces operating costs by combining efficient heat exchange and effective separation of dust and air into one process. Unlike conventional cyclone designs, material exits the CCX cyclone at a higher temperature than the exit gas. For retrofits, this delivers two
main advantages: 

  •  Net heat consumption reduced by 8-10 kcal/kg clinker
  • Less than 50% pressure drop compared to same standard cyclone diameter

Lower capital costs

For new preheater projects, the CCX cyclone decreases initial costs of the preheater structure and installation time – while maximising production capacity.

This is due to the cyclone’s larger capacity and a new, lighter lining concept, which allows the cyclone to be lined before being lifted and installed. Furthermore, installation is simplified as the acting loads are more than 50 percent lower than a conventional cyclone of the same size.


Heat transfer efficiency

The CCX cyclone’s improved heat transfer efficiency means it is often possible to reduce the number of cyclone stages. For example, a four-stage preheater will often be possible instead of a five-stage preheater, resulting in lower combined operating costs for fuel and power as well as significant capital cost savings.

A new perspective on upgrades

Upgrading a preheater to more efficient technology can deliver compelling commercial benefits. But upgrades have often been out of reach for plant owners, typically because of excessive civil and structural costs, installation difficulties, and the impact on plant layout. The FLSmidth CCX enables owners to meet these challenges, thanks to its unique concept – which makes upgrading a highly
attractive economical proposition.

No escalated costs

For conventional preheater technology, it is especially the construction height than can escalate costs.
Upgrading to the CCX does not require any reinforcements to the existing preheater structure, despite the larger size of the cyclone.

For owners, this means the ability to boost their preheater operations, but at a lower capital cost.