Air Blast Controlled Inlet

The FLSmidth Air Blast Controlled Inlet (ABC™ Inlet) is a minor upgrade that eliminates so-called snowmen and prevents dead-zones in the cooler inlet.

ABC inlet
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A new standard for cooler operation

The FLSmidth Air Blast Controlled (ABC™) Inlet combines the advantages of a stationary inlet section – good service life and good cooling-air distribution – with the advantages of a clinker conveyance system, uniform clinker distribution and effective elimination of snowmen. This protects mechanical parts in the cooler and eliminates undesired kiln stops.

No snowmen

Cement plants that experience snowmen in the cooling process spend a great deal of time monitoring and removing them – usually manually, which requires a kiln stop. At the Rohoznik cement plant in Slovakia, for example, kiln downtime dramatically decreased after conversion to the latest crossbar cooler layout, which includes an ABC inlet. Read the case story here.

Proven MFR technology

The fixed ABC inlet section is aerated with a well-proven system. The pressurised below-grate compartment supplies cooling air to the clinker layer via the MFR system. The MFR valves maintain a constant flow of air through each grate plate and automatically compensate for the varying resistance of the clinker bed by actively introducing a pressure drop where needed hence no need for the traditional air beams.

Potential savings

The table below illustrated 2 customer examples of benefits gained by installing the ABC inlet: 
 ABC tabel

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Key benefits

  • No snowmen
  • Increased availability
  • Reduced wear on cooler parts
  • Fuel savings
  • Better operational control

Small investment

  • Investment of EUR 200.000-500.000
  • Short payback time – less than 12 months
  • Short erection time – 8-14 days
  • Short delivery time – 4-6 months

Flexible control for better heat recuperation 

Cooling and blasting                 Controlled blast            One-shot "Megablast" on demand

Potential savings after installation of the ABC Inlet

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