Quantum Series (QS) Knelson™ batch concentrator

The Knelson™ batch concentrator combines centrifugally enhanced gravitational forces with a fluidized bed process.

QS Concentrator
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The Quantum Series (QS) Knelson™ batch concentrator is highly configurable, and is available in two models; QS40 (138-275 tonnes/hr) and QS48 (220-440 tonnes/hr). The QS utilizes a rotating assembly and includes the latest design in concentrate cone technology, and features advancements in the upper and lower frame.

The Knelson™ batch concentrator combines centrifugally enhanced gravitational forces with a fluidized bed process. It is primarily applied in the recovery of precious metals such as gold, silver and platinum group metals.

The QS Advantage:

The QS utilizes the same rotating assembly and concentrating cone options as the equivalent in size XD series concentrator.

The QS includes a one piece upper frame and tailings launder assembly along with a new style lower frame designed to improve access and simplify maintenance of the union and drive components.

The QS is supplied with free-standing, remote mounted piping to provide installation flexibility. Manual, ICS junior and fully automated piping is available.

The QS has the same feed throughput rating and fluidization water requirements as the equivalently sized XD series concentrator.

Concentrate Cone Exchange Program

FLSmidth Knelson offers a concentrate cone exchange program. This is a simple, cost effective and timely method of concentrate cone replacement that upgrades the customer's existing used cone with the latest in concentrate cone technology.

The concentrate cone is a key component in every Knelson™ concentrator, known for gold recovery, fine gold recovery and recovery of other precious metals. The concentrate cone consists of a highly durable polyurethane inner shell, stainless outer shell and separate wear parts consisting of a discharge wear cone and deflector pad.

Under typical conditions, a properly maintained Knelson™ concentrate cone will provide years of operational performance. In situations of poor maintenance, over-feeding and coarse feed, over time the concentrate cone will be subject to wear.

In the case where the concentrate cone requires repair or replacement, an alternative is available; the FLSmidth Knelson concentrate cone exchange program.

The advantage of this program is to provide FLSmidth Knelson customers with a next-to-new quality concentrate cone at a reduced cost and upgrade the customer to the latest in concentrate cone technology - G5 (Generation 5) concentrate cone.

  • Offers an upgrade to the latest in advanced concentrate cone technology 
  • Cost to repair the concentrate cone is less than purchasing a new cone 
  • Guaranteed FLSmidth Knelson quality standards on all concentrate cone re- manufacturing replacements 
  • Thorough inspection of concentrate cone 
  • Up to 60% reduced water consumption by upgrading to a G5 cone 
  • Up to 50% increased throughput 
  • Increased concentrate grades 
  • Improved maintenance features 
  • Improved wear resistance 
  • 1-year warranty on all re-furbished concentrate cone exchanges


How the Program Works

  1. Place an order (or quote) for an "exchange" concentrate cone through the online form. 
  2. The parts and service department will contact you with additional details as required 
  3. FLSmidth Knelson will ship a fully refurbished concentrate cone from their inventory 
  4. Upon receipt of the refurbished concentrate cone, simple "exchange" the re- furbished concentrate cone with your existing concentrate cone. 
  5. Send the old concentrate cone back to Knelson to credit the core value to your account

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