KC-MD3 Knelson™ batch concentrator

The MC3 Knelson™ batch concentrator series has become the standard in all state of the art metallurgical laboratories around the world

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The success of laboratory and/or pilot testwork often decides the feasibility of a given process or an entire project. Gravity concentration studies are no exception. FLSmidth Knelson offers the laboratory and pilot scale MD series of Knelson batch concentrators for bench-scale testwork, in-plant sampling and for in-field alluvial exploration projects.

Ranging in throughput size, the laboratory and pilot scale MD series; KC-MD3 Knelson™ concentrator (KC-MD3), KC-MD4.5 Knelson™ concentrator (KC-MD4.5), and KC-MD7.5 Knelson™ concentrator (KC-MD7.5) are built with the same strict quality standards as the larger throughput capacity Knelson concentrators.

KC-MD3 Knelson™ concentrator

The KC-MD3 is the standard equipment in many leading universities, technical schools, metallurgical / environmental / geoscience's laboratories and exploration operations around the world. These institutions and companies have discovered the numerous benefits offered by the KC-MD3 and are putting these advantages to work for them.
The KC-MD3 is suitable for those seeking a lab scale gravity concentrator with a 0-100 lbs/hr feed capacity.

KC-MD4.5 Knelson™

The KC-MD4.5 Retro conversion kit was built in response to industry demand for an intermediate pilot scale Knelson Concentrator that has a larger feed capacity than the bench-scale KC-MD3 less fluidization water requirements than the KC-MD7.5.

The KC-MD4.5 is suitable for those seeking a gravity concentrator with a 0-605 lbs/hr feed capacity.

KC-MD7.5 Knelson™ concentrator

The KC-MD7.5 Knelson™ concentrator (KC-MD7.5) is an effective test work concentrator for concentrating bulk field samples into small amounts of highly enriched concentrates.

The KC-MD7.5 has been successfully applied in heavy mineral research studies, exploration and environmental waste-treatment projects and as a means of significantly upgrading low-grade gold concentrates.

Equally suitable for field-testing of alluvial gravels or for in-mill stream sampling, the KC-MD7.5 produces results that can be accurately "scaled-up" to project production-scale results.

The KC-MD7.5 is suitable for those seeking a gravity concentrator with a 0-1500 lbs/hr feed capacity.