Scraper Reclaimer

FLSmidth brings you comprehensive KOCH MVT solutions for your reclaiming needs.

Scraper Reclaimer from KOCH MVT
  • General Information

FLSmidth offers a comprehensive range of machines exclusively for reclaiming, including bridge type bucket wheel units, bridge type scrapers, and semi or full portal scrapers.

In the KOCH MVT bridge-type scraper reclaimer, circumferential scraper blades below the bridge frame take over the reclaiming operation. Oscillating rakes feed the material evenly and ensure optimal blending and homogenization.

KOCH MVT portal and side scrapers facilitate higher reclaim capacities in a cost-effective fashion. Reclaiming takes place in traveling operation, upon request with selection of operating modes. For smaller pile volumes, semi portal units are of interest, especially as they minimize the dimensions of the hall required. In the case of full portal units, the scraping arms can be divided into primary and secondary booms.

Technical information
KOCH MVT bridge-type scraper reclaimer

Stockpile volume:     10.000 m³ or larger

Gauge:                     up to 50 m

Capacity:                  up to 1.500 t/h

KOCH MVT portal scraper reclaimer

Stockpile volume:     approx. 100.000 m³

Gauge:                    up to 60 m

Capacity:                 up to 4.000 t/h

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