Bucket Wheel Boom Machines

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Bucket Wheel Boom Machines by KOCH MVT
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Through the KOCH MVT experience, FLSmidth offers bucket wheel machines that can handle even the most demanding bulk materials with no problems.


FLSmidth offers the following types of machines

  • KOCH MVT Bucket Wheel Reclaimer
  • KOCH MVT Bucket Wheel bridge-type Reclaimer
  • KOCH MVT Combined Bucket Wheel Stacker/Reclaimer


The bucket wheel reclaimer is used for longitudinal in combination with a stacker to allow stacking and reclaiming at the same time.


The bridge type bucket wheel reclaimer is used for longitudinal and circular stockyards which requires a blending of the material.


The combined bucket wheel machines are of particular interest: they offer the functions of stackers and reclaimers in a single unit. This solution is both compact and efficient. KOCH MVT combined stacker-reclaimer perform stockpiling using all established stacking and reclaimming methods. 


Other available features:

  • Crawler-mounted bucket wheel reclaimer
  • Leach pad bucket wheel reclaimer  

Bucket Wheel Stacker Reclaimer

Reference Bucket Wheel Reclaimer


For a Coal Mine in South Africa, MVT has built this Bucket Wheel Reclaimer with a capacity of approx. 3,000 t/h. The boom has a length of 33 m, the belt of the reclaim conveyor has a width of 1,800 mm and travels at a speed of 3,0 m/s.

The scope of supply also included one stacker.

Bucket Wheel Reclaimer