Bucket Chain Excavator

Particularly for sticky bulk materials

KOCH MVT Bucket Chain Excavator
  • General Information

The Bucket Chain Excavator is designed particularly for sticky bulk materials. The store consists of two or more longitudinal stock piles stacked according to the Windrow method. While one pile is being stacked, the other is reclaimed at right angles to the direction of stacking.

The store normally has two stacking bridges, one at either end. The material enters the store on a rubber belt conveyor running along one side. It is discharged onto the upper conveyor on the stacking bridge in operation and proceeds to the lower reversible shuttle conveyor which stacks the material longitudinally according to the Windrow method.

Bucket Chain Excavators are further available for open mining applications, especially for clay and limestone pit. Such heavy duty machines can either operate travelling on rails or travelling on crawlers.

Other available features:

  • Improved stability and reliability in the materials handling process
  • High capacity
  • Less power consumption and better over all operation efficiency
  • Less noise emission
  • Less maintenance, both mechanically and electrically
  • New modern PLC control system and touch view panel
  • Feeding of storage with two stacking systems to windrow method
  • Reclaiming with special bridge type bucket elevator
  • Huge dead volume through reclaim angle of excavator boom


Technical information:

Stockpile volume:     up to 100,000 m³

Boom length:            up to 25 m

Capacity:                 up to 2,000 t/h

Blending Storage with Bucket Chain Excavator