Mobile Stacking Conveyor

Mobile Conveying Stacking Solutions for the Materials Handling Industry

RAHCO Mobile Stacking Conveyor
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The mobile stacking conveyor can be used to handle various materials. It is a single conveyor supported on a series of truss frames and crawler tracks. The trusses are connected by a specially developed joint that allows the machine to follow uneven ground conditions and relieve stresses that could damage the structure.

A single conveyor belt flight runs along the top chord of the trusses the length of the mobile conveyor. The belt drive typically is located at the end of the machine where it is closest to the electrical power.

The mobile conveyor tripper travels along the top chords of the mobile stacking conveyor. The tripper “trips” ore onto the cross conveyor belt and discharges the material onto the stack. The cross conveyor is long enough so the pile can be built to the design height while keeping the crawler track back from the advancing toe of the pad.

The mobile conveyor’s control system combines human interface and automatic controls for various functions. The operator can override the automatic controls if needed as well as control the upstream equipment. Manual controls such as the tripper speed and cross conveyor position can be used to build the smoothest possible leach pad. Automatic controls generally monitor frame alignment, leveling, and other conveyors upstream for the operator. The controls system is unique to the equipment and allows the MSC to handle material while it moves. It is important to point out that ore handling does not stop when the tripper or the entire machine moves.


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