The patented ICC®-control system (Intelligent Cycle Control), especially developed for the removal of ash contributes to our systems' operational reliability, efficiency and economic efficiency decisively. The conveying capacity or interval time between two conveying cycles is adjusted automatically according to the current quantity of ash. It is only conveyed at optimal conveying pressures and therefore efficiently and with low wear and tear.

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  • Patented Möller-Turbuflow®-Transport-System with internal secondary pipeline
  • Special in and outlet holes as well as an integrated disc in the secondary pipeline allow for a very slow, blockage-free dense-phase conveyance
  • The whole ash amount of one filter can be transported by using only one conveying line directly to the silo
  • Conveying distances of up to 3000 m realized
  • The system can, after conveying air failure and despite of lines filled with material, start up again without problems


Application Range

  • In coal fired power stations for conveying of all types of fly ash deposited from electric and fabric filters directly to the silo station