Anyone who values high productive efficiency as well as economic efficiency makes the right choice with this system.

  • MÖLLER-TURBUFLOW®-Transport-System
  • About the TTS


  • MÖLLER-TURBUFLOW®-Transport-System with an internal secondary line inside the conveying pipe, which ensures that the conveying is kept in a turbulent state and therefore blockage free
  • This technology also provides for a high mass flow due to maximal loading at very low conveying velocities.
  • Trouble-free start-up of the conveying process with filled line after failure of the conveying air supply
  • Specific construction of secondary line for different kinds of bulk materials.

Application Range

  • Pneumatic dense phase pressure vessel conveying in power plants, aluminum works, cement works and related industry sectors
  • Well proven for fly ashes, aluminum oxide, cement, raw mix and many other fluidizable bulk materials
  • As Multi-TTS Conveyor system in coal fired power stations to convey all types of fly ash deposited from the electric and fabric filters directly to the silo station
With the patented MÖLLER-TURBUFLOW®-Transport-System we have enhanced a product continuously, which is particularly suitable for pneumatic conveying of fine-grained bulk material. The system has, due to its innovative construction, a clear advantage in comparison to conventional pipelines.