Pneumatic aeroslides have been used successfully for decades. An innovative advancement is the MÖLLER-FLUIDFLOW® system. In combination with the pressure vessel or screw pump this system can be operated with over pressure of up to 3,5 bar (overpressure) and over. The MÖLLER-FLUIDFLOW® system, unlike classic slide systems, is safe to operate even at high pressures. It is therefore definite more versatile applicable.

  • About the MÖLLER-FLUIDFLOW® system


  • Smooth transport of bulk material at lowest possible conveying velocities
  • High bulk material loads in comparison to other conveying systems
  • Can be used flexibly in combination with TURBUFLOW®-Dense-Phase-Technology particularly for high bulk densities of up to 1,6 t/m³

Application Range

  • A field of application is for instance in the aluminum industry the continuous and self regulating feeding of electrolytic cells with secondary oxide
  • Smooth long distance transport of abrasive, mineral bulk materials (e.g. alumina)