The universal valve with spherical closing segment

  • Product profile
  • Applications
  • Technical concept
  • At a glance
  • Economic efficiency
  • Full bore for free flow of material
  • Closing by a spherical closing segment
  • Pressure tight sealing by an inflatable MÖLLER™ seal
  • Cuts through a static material column
  • Pressure tight up to pe = 10 bar
  • Allow. temperature up to 275°C
  • Housing made of spheroidal graphite cast iron
  • Spherical closing segment with high grade wear resistance
  • Pneumatic actuation
  • Follows the German pressure vessel code TRB 801 No. 45
  • Follows the EU machine guideline
  • CE label
  • Available in DN 100/150/200/250/300/400


The MÖLLER™ Valve is a shut-off device for the fully open and closed position in pneumatic conveying systems.

It provides for pressure tight closing of pressure vessels at the inlet after filling, and is also used as shut-off device at the pressure vessel outlet, the area subject to the highest pressure load. Additionally, MÖLLER valves will be used as 2-way diverter valves in conveying pipes.

When opened, the MÖLLER valve frees the complete valve passage. As a result material flow is not impeded by any installation on which material may be deposited or wear may occur. Due to the sturdy design of the MÖLLER valve the spherical cap can cut through a full material flow without problems and the valve can reliably seal a pressurized pressure vessel. To realize a few 100.000 cycles even under rigorous conditions the spherical cap is provided with a high-grade wear protection on which the inflatable MÖLLER gasket provides reliable sealing. An integrated control system activates all open and close functions and monitors the inflatable MÖLLER gasket. Compressed air of pe = 5.5 bar min. is required to actuate the pneumatic rotary drive. Moreover it must be ensured that the control air pressure, which also activates the inflatable MÖLLER gasket, is always 1 bar higher than the pressure vessel pressure. The MÖLLER valve must always be installed with the shaft positioned horizontally.

The solenoid valves, pressure switches and accessories required for the operation of the MÖLLER valve are installed in a metal housing. Position and pressure indication for inflatable sealing is by diodes installed outside the housing. Function tests can be performed via the integrated key switch.

The process control system handles the MÖLLER valve like an actuating drive. Floating contacts are available for position feedback.

The design of the MÖLLER valve aims at a high benefit for the user. The simple installation with only one main air connection and one common terminal strip for all electric components are only one aspect. Ease of servicing is provided by the modular design of the MÖLLER valve which results in a minimum expenditure of time for replacing wearing parts. Due to the sturdy design and the highgrade wear protection long service lives are achieved.