MÖLLER Airslides

The ideal solution for economical transport of dry and fine-grained mineral bulk materials.

  • Advantages
  • Applications
  • Function
  • Profitability
  • Gentle transport
  • Flexibility
  • Dust-free bulk material conveying
  • Conveying capacity up to 2200 t/h
  • Dense phase conveying
  • Normal conveyed material temperature up to 220°C
  • Special version for conveyed material temperature up to 400°C
  • Extremely low energy costs
  • Easy operation
  • Maximum flexibility thanks to extensive accessory options
  • Low maintenance
  • Low investment costs
  • Economic operation


For economical transport of dry and fine-grained mineral bulk materials, pneumatic MÖLLER® airslides from FLSmidth® are the ideal solution. Consequently MÖLLER airslides are found in all industry areas where dry, fine-grained, mineral bulk materials must be efficiently transported.

MÖLLER airslides work entirely without dust; they present low wear and ensure gentle conveying of up to 2200 t/h at extremely low operating costs. For example, the possible tasks include conveying of bulk material out of silos to vehicle and ship loading facilities, reception of bulk material from bucket elevators for further distribution to silo chambers or the convergence of multiple material flows from different accumulation points for further transfer to a common station.

The pneumatic airslide consists of an upper trough and a lower trough; and an air-permeable fabric that is clamped between them. The material to be conveyed is fed into the upper trough while the lower trough is charged with a fluidising gas, usually air. The fabric ensures a fine distribution of the fluidising gas into the bulk material. The bulk material, in turn cannot pass through the fabric. Through the fluidisation of the bulk material with a carrier gas, the friction forces between the individual particles is significantly reduced, so that the bulk material/air mixture behaves similarly to a liquid.

To bring the bulk material to flow, the pneumatic airslides are installed with a slight incline. The amount of incline depends on the bulk material type and required capacity. Thanks to gravity, the bulk material flows on an inclined plane to the discharge station.

MÖLLER airslides only require a small volume of air with a slight over pressure. This means that an extremely low energy requirement of just 0.02 kWh/t per 100 m of conveying length is required.

In addition, MÖLLER airslides are characterised by a robust and simple structure. Low investment costs and energy-efficient operation result in an optimal pneumatic conveying system.

Even high transport volumes are conveyed gently, homogeneously and with low wear. The low conveying speed and the simple construction enable decades of operation, with virtually no maintenance.

The numerous attachments and accessories for the MÖLLER airslide offer maximum flexibility. Branch points, distributing systems, ejection flaps, or shut-off units and regulating units enable a large number of individual conveying section variations, and thus optimal adaptation of the system to every special requirement. For conveying of high-wear bulk materials the fabric is protected with an optional grating. In addition, the fabric material can be adapted to bulk material temperatures up to 400°C.