SK diverter valves

FLSmidth’s diverter / converger valves provide positive and dependable switching of material flow in pressure pneumatic conveying pipelines. Suitable for a wide variety of products, such as Portland cement, limestone, bentonite, talc and more.

2-way SK Diverter Valve
  • 2-way SK diverter valve with hinged port
  • 1-way SK diverter valve


The new 2-way SK valve offers a larger hinged access port that gives full access to the internals. Replaceable hard seats are now pre-mounted in a cartridge that makes replacements very simple. Hand, Air & motor actuators are available in sizes 3” to 14”.

Sizing: Available in eight standard sizes; 3 through 6-inch (75 through 150 mm) valves match I.D. of standard pipe; 14-inch (200 through 350 match I.D. of standard Schedule 30 pipe. Available hand or left hand mounting.

Body - Durable cast iron construction.

Disc - The internal mechanism works on the sliding disc and port principle. Hardened seats and discs resist abrasion and are lapped to maintain a positive seal at the closed port.

Motor - Motor operation features a built-in mechanical brake for accurate positioning of the valve seal disc. Motor electrical requirements are 3 phase, 60 Hz., 230/460 V.

Air - Heavy-duty air cylinder actuator with dual solenoid, 120V NEMA 4, pre-piped

Accessories - Limit switches for position indication are standard on motor-operated valves; optional on manually operated valves.

Special Application - High temperature 850°F (455°C), NFPA-85F design, alternate materials, voltages.


2-way SK Valve with Hinged Port

2-way SK valve with hinged port
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FLSmidth Type SK one-way cutoff valves are designed to provide a positive cut-off and seal for pressure and vacuum pneumatic conveying lines. The valves can be used at inlet and outlet locations on conveying pressure tanks. The cut-off valve can also be used on branched systems to permit selection for line activation or to prevent short-circuiting of a conveyor by stopping airflow through an unused section. Air cylinder operated for quick, responsive cut-off.

The FLSmidth Type SK One-Way Cutoff Valve is available in six basic sizes. The 3 through 6-inch (75 -150 mm) valves match the I.D. of standard Schedule 40 pipe. The 8 and 10-inch (200 and 250 mm) valves match the I.D. of standard Schedule 30 pipe.  Operating temperature up to 400° F (205° C).

Body: Durable machined cast iron construction.

Disc: The valves employ replaceable hardened seats and discs, ground and lapped to ensure positive sealing. Air cylinder actuator provides fast and positive cutoff operation. 50 to 100 PSlG (3.5 to 7 Kg/cm2) clean plant air required.

Accessories: Weather-proof (NEMA 4) limit switches are included for positive indication.

Special applications: High temperature 850°F (455°C), hand-operated, voltages.


1-way SK Diverter Valve

1-way SK diverter valve