Airslide® conveying system

Developed from Fuller® design and technology, the Airslide® air gravity fluidized conveyor uses the forces of gravity to do most of the work without any moving parts.

Airslide conveying system
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FLSmidth’s Airslide® air gravity conveying system based on Fuller® technology uses the forces of gravity to do most of the work without any moving parts.

Airslide air gravity systems provide high capacity material handling while offering many economic and environmental advantages.

Energy requirements are minimal because only a small volume of air at a low pressure is required to move material. Since the system is installed overhead, valuable floor space and added headroom are available for other purposes. By eliminating the need for massive support members, it permits a flexibility of plant design not available with straight-line conveyors.

The Airslide conveyor is dust tight. As a result, the system is extremely friendly to the environment.

Noise level is extremely low in the area surrounding the Airslide conveyor as the system’s air supply is the only moving part to generate noise, and it is generally located in a remotely insulated area to further reduce noise.

Maintenance of the Airslide conveyor is very simple because there are no moving parts other than the air supply equipment, which also contributes to increased plant safety.

Airslide conveyors require no lubrication.

The Airslide® brand

Dry bulk material has been handled by Airslide® air activated gravity conveyors since 1945. The criteria of material to be handled by an Airslide conveyor are simple: any bulk dry free flowing powder that can fluidize can most likely flow on an Airslide conveyor. Airslide conveyors are used all over the globe in industries such as cement, food industries, power, petrochemicals, and the mining and minerals industries.

The Airslide conveyor has become so accepted throughout the world that many companies have adopted the principle and offer similar designs in competition to FLSmidth's Airslide conveyor. Many end users attempt to duplicate the Airslide fabrication process for their own purposes. The main problem with copies of the Airslide conveyor design is the porous fabric media that is used by these competitors of end users. The FLSmidth Airslide fabric is a closely held design manufactured by only two producers holding very strict manufacturing standards for permeability. This differentiates the FLSmidth Airslide from all the other air gravity conveyor producers - our Airslide conveyors outperform the competition.

Common Airslide® conveyor applications

The most common application for the Airslide® air activated gravity conveyor is to move from point to point any bulk dry free flowing powder that can fluidize. The Airslide conveyor was developed as a replacement for screw conveyors and belt conveyors where noise, maintenance, and dusting to the environment were issues.

The Airslide is best used to provide a means of conveying with little maintenance, no moving points, and totally closed equipment providing a clean environment. Since material moves on a cushion of air and the material particles tend to float, fabric wear is at a minimum.

Not only is the Airslide conveyor used to convey from point to point, it is also very useful in aiding in the withdrawal of product from storage bins or silos. Open-Top Airslide conveyors are used to provide fluidization to bin or silo floors promoting flow of product towards a predetermined discharge opening. Designs are available to provide close to 100% cleanout of these storage structures.

Typical Airslide® conveyor applications

  • Distribution from bucket elevators to storage silos
  • Gathering under baghouses / precipitators
  • Feed to process
  • Feed to other conveyors
  • Loadout from bulk silos to trucks, railcars or barges
  • In-plant conveying
  • Storage silo / bin withdrawal

Click here for video of the FLSmidth Airslide, showing the immediate fluidization of material in an Airslide Conveyor…

The principle of fluidization:

Driving low-pressure, low-velocity air through and between particles of a dry bulk material, changing its behavior characteristics and making it flow more like a liquid than a solid.


Angle of repose







Airslide® conveyors gather material from dust collectors 

  • Low maintenance
    • No moving parts
    • Minimal fabric wear
    • Low noise level - blower noise only
    • Clean
    • Operates smoothly regardless of downstream equipment rate 


    Point-to-point transfer

    • Positive flow regulation (low - high capacities) 
    • Quiet operation 
    • Low maintenance - no rotating parts in contact with materials being conveyed 
    • Fully fluidized gentle conveying action 
    • Minimized wear from abrasion


    Airslide® conveying system

    Materials commonly conveyed:  


    Powdered Diatomaceous Earth

    Nepheline Syenite



    Nickel Oxide

    Asphalt Fillers


    Pulverized Ores



    Petroleum Coke






    Pulverized Phosphate



    Dehydrated Potatoes

    Calcium Carbonate



    Calcium Phosphate

    Fly Ash


    Activated Carbon

    Fullers Earth


    Carbon Black



    Petroleum Catalysts



    Portland cement

    Iron Powder

    Pulverized Shells

    Cement Raw Meal

    Lead Oxide



    Hydrated Lime

    Pulverized Slate


    Pulverized Lime

    Soda Ash

    Pulverized Coal

    Pulverized Limestone

    Sodium Bicarbonate

    Soluble Coffee


    Sodium Phosphate

    Pulverized Coke

    Magnesium Oxide


    Copper Concentrate




    Manganese Oxide


    Detergent Powders

    Dehydrated Milk

    Wood Flour