Tailings / Waste Stacking Systems

FLSmidth's Mobile Conveying Systems are effective in handling Run-of-Mine material or waste material after it has been processed.

RAHCO Tailings Waste Handling
  • Tailings and Waste

A Tailings or Waste Stacking System functions like a Mobile Stacking System. This is a very efficient and cost-effective method of stacking waste ore. The Mobile Stacking System advance stacks in a radial mode, as indicated by the arcing sweeps. Once a lift has been completed, additional lifts can be stacked on top through the use of elevating conveyors. By stacking in lifts, several years of waste material can be stacked on a small footprint, thereby reducing the environmental impact.

A stacker, such as a Mobile Bridge Boom Stacker, can be added to the Mobile Stacking System to increase the distance between the edge of the pile and the stacking system, depending on geotechnical requirements of the stacking plan. The addition of a stacker can also increase the flexibility of the stacking system when filling complex valleys.


Tailings and Wasting
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