Plant Conveyors

Roymec Plant Conveyors are backed by a strong history of structural engineering

Roymec Plant Conveyor
  • Overview

FLSmidth Roymec has successfully supplied several plant conveyor packages the past decade. With plant conveyors, it is important to optimise the mechanical design to ensure that the best belt radii could be attained. This will provide a compact plant and decrease the footprint of the project.

Transfer points are critical to ensure no spillage occurs. The plant layout should allow for the correct transfer heights and feed areas onto the conveyors. This allows the correct shape/size chutes to be modelled and to be installed, resulting in a good flow of material.

If the material flow is sorted, spillage is eliminated and wear on the transfer point and conveyor is reduced.

FLSmidth Roymec has a strong history in structural engineering and this underpins our gantry and trestle designs, allowing for efficient use of material to control the cost.

FLSmidth Roymec has good experience in plant conveyors with trippers as well as shuttle conveyors. An efficient design of the tripper and shuttle conveyor pays huge dividends in the rest of the support structure , which may span a large area.