KOCH Pipe Conveyor

The KOCH Pipe Conveyor® is the leader in Pipe Conveying Systems

KOCH Pipe Conveyor
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Conveying Solutions for all types of bulk materials


Fully developed technology, operationally tested details:

  • dust and spillage free transportation 
  • low noise emissions 
  • inclines up to 30° 
  • multiple feed and discharge points 
  • 8 km and more without transfer stations 
  • simultaneous conveying of different materials in both directions 
  • low power consumption 
  • horizontal and vertical curves with radii to 45 metres

FLSmidth's KOCH Pipe Conveyor® offers conveying solutions for the future for all types of bulk materials, from cement to coal, or phosphate granulates to wood chips. With their special design, they ensure high availability and low investment costs as well as protection for both material and environment.  

With more than 300 installed systems and more than 143 km (88 miles) of conveying length located in 44 countries, the KOCH Pipe Conveyor is clearly Number One in the world. No other pipe conveyor system is so fully developed, installed in so many applications and so successfully tested in operation. The FLSmidth Pipe Conveyor Technology Center is located in Lanzendorf, Austria.  

The KOCH Pipe Conveyor can easily be integrated into existing plants, only up to 60% space requirement in comparison with conventional systems, and ensure reliable long-distance transportation, specifically in difficult topographies. Each KOCH Pipe Conveyor incorporates extensive know-how for dealing with the most varied types of material. Furthermore, numerous specially developed design elements which are tested and optimized in actual operation, make all the difference.  

Conveying in tight spaces 

  • The KOCH Pipe Conveyor® integrates optimally in existing plants, and minimize conveying distances, regardless of the landscape parameters, thereby permitting cost effective line arrangements.


Dust free with minimal noise emissions, securely protected 

  • The KOCH Pipe Conveyor® transports bulk materials dust free with low noise emissions and totally enclosed over roads, tracks, waterways or open seas, through existing plants, over public streets, in environmentally protected zones. Even contaminated materials are conveyed without any negative environmental impact.


For all types of topography, flexible and innovative 

  • The KOCH Pipe Conveyor® easily handle long distances and problematic topographic areas. Customized designs incorporate complex client needs: downhill conveying in difficult topographies; conveying various materials in one system. Based on our experience from 300 operating systems – and relying on the innovative competence of the market leader, we can implement whatever is technically possible.


Cost effective and reliable

  • Limited spatial requirements, elimination of high cost and maintenance intensive transfer stations as well as secure conveyance without expensive housings assure the cost effectiveness of the FLSmidth Pipe Conveyor system. A high level of operating availability reflecting the FLSmidth training program and FLSmidth service guarantees your investment decision.
KOCH Pipe Conveyor

Pipe Conveyor at a Coal Fired Power Plant

At a length of approximately 2.2 km, one of the longest dual pipe conveyor in Europe is also one of the most productive: Approximately 1.1 million tons of wet- and dry ash, gypsum and filter cake, as well as 125,00 tons of residual water are transported per year (in a parallel strand of fibreglass pipes). This pipe conveyor is part of a complete FLSmidth plant for power plant waste disposal – including the innovative FLSmidth “Reaction Belt” for the preparation of ashes and residual waters.

One challenge encountered was the transportation route, which went through the old power plant (still operating at that time): Pipe Conveyor and FGD-pipes climb in the area of the old power plant over the evaporator unit, curve around old power plant buildings, cross paths, rail systems and roads.