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Maintenance Friendly Solutions for Bulk Material Handling

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  • Why FLSmidth?
  • Solving Difficult Challenges
  • Discrete Element Modeling

The FLSmidth Difference

The difference is our attention to the interface issues that determine the success of a project. 

  • Understanding and valuing customer input
  • Working with our customers to fulfill their expectations
  • Expediting the Customer / Supplier drawing approval process
  • Supplier manufacturing and delivery schedule control
  • Quality Control
  • Interfacing with other equipment suppliers

Copper Mine In Peru


Maintenance people will tell you that chutes and skirtboards cause the majority of conveyor problems, downtime and operating headaches.  Properly designed chutework starts with experienced designers.

Within our industry, FLSmidth has unmatched experience and talent providing systems that minimize plugging and liner wear while extending the life of the belt and other major components.


High Altitude Remote Locations

What is DEM?

DEM is a modeling technique to help predict how solid particles move and interact in space. 

Mathematical equations consider the shape, position, cohesiveness, velocity and force of each particle and calculate how they flow as they pass through a predefined space, such as chutework.

In the hands of an experienced designer, results of DEM can be interpreted and used to provide new solutions and minimize existing problems such as:

  • Plugging caused by Sticky Material
  • Excessive Dust (Dust Reduction)
  • Liner Wear
  • Belt Wear


Watch an Animation

This animation shows material passing through chutework.  You can see static material forming a rock box to prevent chute wear and decelerate the material.  You can also see material that is accelerating through the open areas onto the downstream equipment.