Rail load-out stations

FLSmidth Roymec is the representative for PEBCO rail load-out stations

FLSmidth Roymec Rail Load Out Station
  • Overview

FLSmidth Roymec is proud to be the representative of PEBCO rail load-out systems. PEBCO® is recognized world-wide as a manufacturer of powder and bulk solids handling equipment. Products produced range from truck, train, and shiploading equipment to gates, valves, diverters, mass flow feeders, dustless loading spouts, and telescopic chutes.

PEBCO®'s products are used in various applications such as mining, cement, chemical, power generation, waste incineration, lime, fertilizer, sand and gravel, alumina, bauxite, clay, and dewatered sludge.

PEBCO® has patented products that demonstrate the innovation of the company in the field of moving, storing, and weighing bulk solids. PEBCO® patents include : ROLLING BLADE® Gate, Mass Flow Feeder control technology, Uni-Load® Chute and the Dust Free Cleveland Cascade® Chute.

Roymec has built several rail load-out stations operating with the Uni-Load Chutes. Anglo Coal Mafube Colliery operates a rail load with a 6000 t/h silo and loads trains at 4000 t/h. The Anglo Coal Phola Colliery also has two FLSmidth Roymec loadout stations, loading two different products, preventing contamination.

FLSmidth Roymec provides after sales service to keep the stations loading.