Loading Systems

When dusty bulk materials are produced or when they are by-products from the various processes, then they need to be conveyed, stored and reloaded too.
The loose goods loading units made by FLSmidth are ideal for loading dusty bulk material.
The flexible loading units interlink the silo with the various vehicles.

Loading Chute
  • Loading Systems


  • Throughput for the loading of trucks and waggons up to 400 t/h and for the loading of ships up to 1000 t/h 
  • Standard version with double hose or for abrasive goods with internal telescop or steel segments 
  • Special design as stationary and as mobile loading system 
  • All versions with motor winch 
  • Stroke limiter due to slack rope switch as well as position indicator switch 
  • Standard version with cone sealing 
  • Maximum load indicator as shut down criteria for loading

Application Range

• Loading of dusty goods onto open or closed trucks and waggons as well as ships

• Suitable for loading fly ash, cement, lime, gypsum, alumina and bulk material of similar kind.