Drive Over Dump Station

When integrated as part of an In-pit Crushing and Conveying system, the Drive Over Dump Station offers the flexibility of haul trucks with the low cost of mobile conveying.

Drive Over Dump Station DODS
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The latest addition to FLSmidth’s line of at-the-face solutions is the Drive Over Dump Station (DODS). It's a semi-mobile, in-pit sizing station. The material, such as coal or overburden, is processed through the machine and sized appropriately for conveying out of the pit. 

When used with a material conveying system, the DODS allows flexibility with the haul truck fleet since it is located a short distance from the face of the mine. This helps keep the haul distances to a minimum. The system can be relocated as the haul distance increases.


The Drive Over Dump Station functions similar to a traditional dump station, but instead offers: 

  • Added flexibility of mobile sizing

  • The ability to help keep costs lower, since there is no need to build costly and time-consuming retaining walls.

The Drive Over Dump Station is one of several at-the-face mining solutions developed by FLSmidth’s RAHCO® Technology Center. The Drive Over Dump Station, Dual Truck Mobile Sizer or Triple Track Mobile Sizer can be integrated as part of an in-pit crushing and conveying system that offers the flexibility of haul trucks with the low cost of mobile conveying.

The functions of the Drive Over Dump Station are simple. 

  • A full truck approaches the DODS by way of an earthen ramp. The haul truck drives across a bridge at the top of the earthen ramp to the DODS.

  • The gates open exposing the hopper below. After the gates are in the raised position, the truck dumps its payload into the hopper.

  • As the truck dumps material into the hopper, the apron feeder conveys the material to the sizer, where it is crushed to the appropriate size. After being crushed, the material is discharged onto the bench conveyor, where it is taken out of the pit.

  • The truck then lowers its bed, and pulls away from the dump station using the second bridge and earthen ramp to exit the DODS.