Pfister® F-Control

The latest controller generation for gravimetric weighfeeders

Pfister dosing control FDC
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Reliable and accurate dosing control

Pfister® F-ControlTM dosing control system is used for continuously operating gravimetric feeders like all Pfister® rotor weighfeeders and Pfister® belt weighfeeders.
Its main elements are the control cabinet FCC located in the plants motor control center (MCC) and local control panels (LCP) which were specifically designed for the environment surrounding the feeder (FIELD).
The embedded Pfister® Feeder Dosing Controller FDCTM supervises and controls the entire dosing system in real time. The system can be adapted to any necessary extent.

Communication at high level

Nowadays connectivity is mandatory. Pfister® F-ControlTM was designed to connect to the interfaces of all major plant control systems. For unlimited and secure data exchange Pfister® F-ControlTM offers an interface link to up-to-date standardized networks like Modbus-TCP, ProfiBus, DeviceNet or, e.g., ProfiNet.
As today Industrial Ethernet IE is the most common, realiable and easy to handle multi-vendor network Pfister® F-ControlTM uses IE network to link all components allowing the placement at nearly “any” location.

This ensures smooth operation from the very beginning.