Rotor Weighfeeder Pfister® DRW

Highly accurate and reliable gravimetric feeding and dosing of pulverised fuels with integrated pneumatic transport

Rotor weighfeeder Pfister DRw
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Rotor weighfeeder Pfister® DRW is especially designed for dosing pulverized fuels such as petrolcoke, lignite, coaldust or oil shale in cement burning processes. Integration of material extraction, weighing, dosing and material transfer into the pneumatic conveying line makes it a compact system that provides accuracy and constancy. Powered by the innovative dosing strategy ProsCon®, the mass flow is controlled in advance.

Rotor weighfeeder Pfister® DRW + dosing strategy ProsCon®:
The innovative solution for metering pulverized fuels


Application fields: Kiln, calciner, hot gas generator (HGG), firing process

Fuels: Petrolcoke, coaldust, lignite, oil shale

Dosing capacity: Up to 50 t/h with only one system possible

• Stainless steel silo cone
• Silo cone aeration
• Shut-off gate
• Star feeder
• Flexible joints
• Calibration pre-hopper
• Rotor weighfeeder Pfister® DRW

• Stable fuel dosing
• Outstanding reliability
• High short- and longterm accuracy
• Compact, simple and modular design
• Explosion-proof
• In-line blending of a number of fuels into one common feeding line possible
• Large feeding range
• Online calibration during operation
• Up to 4 systems under one coal silo possible
• Slowly moving rotor
• Easy to maintain

Dosing control:
• Feeder Dosing Controller Pfister® FDC
• Prospective control ProsCon®
• FlowBalanceTM control
• User oriented interfaces
• Remote service access available

ATEX (94/9/EC) in categories II1/2D
and II1/3D, ISO 9001

All newly ordered rotor weighfeeders Pfister® DRW are now equipped with Pfister® Wear Index for smart predictive maintenance planning.





Rotor weighfeeder Pfister® DRW with calibration prehopper for pulverised fuels

Material activator at silo cone

Rotor weighfeeder Pfister® DRW: Complete coal storage, feeding and dosing system

Pfister DRws in the workshop

Assembly of rotor weighfeeders Pfister® DRW at the FLSmidth Pfister workshop in Augsburg/Germany

Pfister DRW application

Installation of four rotor weighfeeders Pfister® DRW under one silo at a termal power plant in Germany


Data Sheet and Brochure

Rotor weighfeeder Pfister® DRW

Data sheet rotor weighfeeder Pfister® DRW

Technical data of rotor weighfeeder Pfister® DRW
DRW Brochure rotor weighfeeder Pfister® DRW
Detailed product information on rotor weighfeeder Pfister® DRW
DRW case study Case Study rotor weighfeeder Pfister® DRW
Cost saving transition from oil to pulverised coal in cement making


Rotor weighfeeder Pfister® DRW animation
Function principle of the rotor weighfeeder Pfister® DRW


For an animation of rotor weighfeeder Pfister® DRW on Youtube click here