Rotor Scale Pfister® VRW

Highly accurate and fast bulk material pre-loading

Rotor scale Pfister VRW
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The high accuracy and robust design of rotor scale Pfister® VRW is ideal for precise bulk material pre-loading of fine or coarse materials, such as clinker or cement. It is especially useful if it is not possible to equip loading positions with vehicle weighers.

Rotor scale Pfister® VRW + prospetive control ProsCon®: the innovative solution for bulk material pre-loading

Pfister VRW in process

Application fields: Bulk pre-loading

Materials: Fine grained materials such as raw meal, fly ash, cement

Loading capacity:

150 t/h (higher loading rates are possible)

• Calibration bin
• Bin load cells
• Shut-off gate
• Flow control gate
• Rotor scale Pfister® VRW

• Outstanding reliability
• High accuracy
• Compact, robust and closed design
• High measuring loads
• Large loading range
• Online calibration during operation
• Simple and modular design
• Slowly moving rotor, therefore less wear
• Easy to maintain

Dosing control:
• Feeder dosing controller Pfister® FDC
• Prospective control ProsCon®
• User oriented interfaces
• Remote service access available

Certificates: ISO 9001

Pfister VRW

Rotor scale Pfister® VRW for fast an accurate cement truck pre-loading

Sketch of a bulk material pre-loading system with rotor scale Pfister® VRW


Local loading device


Rotor scale Pfister® VRW for pre-loading of green coke into wagons

Data Sheet & Brochure

Brochure rotor scale Pfister® VRW 
Detailed product information of rotor scale Pfister® VRW

Pre-loading rotor scale Pfister® VRW

Data sheet rotor scale Pfister® VRW

Technical data of rotor scale Pfister® VRW


Rotor scale Pfister VRW® animation

Function principle of rotor scale Pfister® VRW


For an animation of rotor scale Pfister® VRW on Youtube click here