Gravimetric Belt Feeder Pfister® GBF

Highly accurate feeding of crushed coal for power plants

Pfister GBF
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The gravimetric belt feeder Pfister GBF is auto calibrated by integrated calibration sensors. In case of a load cell discrepancy the feeder´s control switches to volumetric weighing mode automatically. In the volumetric mode, the feeder runs based on historic density. It automatically reverts back to gravimetric mode when the load cell data does not show further discrepancies.

High Flexibility

  • Modular design with a large variety in lengths and widths can be adapted optionally
  • Different types of inlet chutes guarantee excellent silo extraction for a variety of materials
  • Feed rate adjustment in a range of up to 1:10 in turn down ratio

Easy maintenance

  • Lifetime lubricated idler
  • Easy calibration and adjustment of zero point

High reliability

  • Belt and pulley strippers ensure no sticking dirt to the rollers or to any side of the belt
  • Sperical v-grooved pulleys for optimal belt guidance

High accuracy

  • Advanced belt tensioning by tension roller which supports highest feeding accuracy
  • A digital tachometer (incremental encoder) supplies accurate values for the controller to calculate the needed speed of the motor
  • Impressive feed rate accuracy



 GBF application 2