Rotor Weighfeeder Pfister® TRW-S/D

Multi-fuel system for highly accurate and reliable gravimetric feeding for a large variety of solid secondary fuels

Rotor weighfeeder Pfister TRW-S/D
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In order to produce clinker profitably and efficiently, dosing of secondary fuels is the basis. With its multifuel concept rotor weighfeeder Pfister® TRW-S/D offers a future-oriented technology. Whether you wish to dose extremely light or heavy, fine or oarse products or even potentially explosive bulk materials such as FLUFF, RDF, sewage sludge, plastics, wood chips or animal meal – you only need one system for it: The multi-fuel rotor weighfeeder Pfister® TRW-S/D.

Rotor weighfeeder Pfister® TRW-S/D + prospective control ProsCon®:
the innovative solution for metering secondary fuels

TRW-S/D in process 

Application fields: Kiln & calciner process

Fuels: Extremely light or very heavy materials such as FLUFF, RDF, sewage sludge, plastics, animal meal, paper and wood waste, impregnated saw dust, oil soaked textiles, carpet pellets, tyre chips or various shells and bio masses. Handling of different materials with one and the same rotor weighfeeder Pfister® TRW-S/D is possible.

Dosing capacity:
Up to 20 t/h with densities down to 0.05 t/m3

- Diverter flap
- Flexible joints
- Calibration pre-hopper with agitator 
- Rotor weighfeeder Pfister® TRW-S/D 
- Star feeder for transfer into the pneumatic feeding line

- Stable fuel dosing 
- Outstanding reliability 
- High short- and longterm accuracy 
- Dosing of varying fuels possible with one and the same rotor weighfeeder Pfister® TRW-S/D 
- Compact, robust, closed dosing system 
- Explosion-proof design optional 
- Large feeding range 
- Online calibration during operation 
- Easy to maintain

Dosing control: 
- Feeder dosing controller Pfister® FDC
- Prospective control ProsCon®
- FlowBalanceTM control
- User oriented interfaces
- Remote service access available

ATEX (94/9/EC) in categories II1/2D
and II1/3D, ISO 9001

Pfister TRW-S for >20 t/h RDF


Pfister TRW-D twin installation for two MB

Pfister TRW-D, explosion proof executionfor dusty materials

Pfister TRW-D for 12 t/h RDF and wood


Rotor weighfeeder Pfister® TRW-S/D animation
Function principle of rotor weighfeeder Pfister® TRW-S/D


For the rotor weighfeeder Pfister® TRW-S/D animation on Youtube click here