Apron Feeder Pfister® AF & Apron Weighfeeder Pfister® AWF

FLSmidth has supplied feeders for more than 65 years and continues to modernise their design to meet the demands of the industry.

AF Apron Feeders come in different sizes, dimensioned to feed even the largest FLSmidth crushers

FLSmidth AF-apron feeder
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Key benefits

  • Heavy duty roller supports throughout the full length of the feeder and a double set of rollers in the impact area
  • All rollers fully automatically lubricated
  • Hydraulic take-up system ensures perfect and consistent tensioning of the chain
  • Two apron feeders can be combined to form a raw material blending system
  • Robust construction
  • Effective take-up system
  • Delivery tailored to site conditions

How it works

The raw materials from the quarry are dumped directly into a reinforced feed hopper and extracted by the AF apron feeder. The AF apron feeder ensures a steady flow of material to the next stage of the process, typically a crushing plant.

FLSmidth apron feeder supporting roller 

Impact and supporting rollers are fitted the aprons.

Blending and crushing in one installation

By positioning two apron feeders perpendicular to each other it is possible to feed the same crusher with two different materials at the same time, combining comminution and blending in one installation.

Why upgrade your rollers?

  • Prolong the lifetime of bearings and rollers 
  • Improve Apron feeder reliability 
  • Reduce maintenance downtime 
  • Eliminate the need for lubrication 
  • Reduce the wear of lamellas 
  • Easy subsequent replacement of one or more rollers


More details can be found in the brochure.

Fast initial replacement

The simple design allows fast, efficient replacement without moving the apron feeder from its location to perform the upgrade.

‘Lifetime’ greased bearings

  • High performance even in dusty environments. 
  • Pre-greasing prolongs the lifetime of the bearings
  • No need for an external lubrication system or additional piping.