Silo Discharging System

FLSmidth is your partner for the complete range silo discharging systems

Silo Discharging System
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The Entire Range

FLSmidth is your partner for complete silo systems. From truck reception to incinerator feeding - FLSmidth provides expert, optimal solutions for our customers tasks on a world-wide basis. The main focus is on systems for sewage treatment, incineration, drying, and processing (including wood processing), paper and chemical industries, pyrolysis plants for refuse derived and substitute fuels. FLSmidth offers complete turn-key solutions, using established know-how in plant and processing technology, competent in-house engineering and production facilities, and internationally experienced erection and servicing specialists.

A Complex Task

In all industries and applications, the storage, activation and discharge of non-free flowing materials requires the use of proven and field-tested equipment. This requires silo and bunker systems, which are optimised to provide odourless, environmentally safe and low maintenance material handling.

FLSmidth’s Silo Systems
FLSmidth's circular silo and bunker installations incorporate activation systems suited to the specific task and afford a maximum of flexibility for storage capacities in the range of 10m' to 1,000m'. They are designed for materials having a solid content from 20%to 100%.



  • Processing Plants
    Silo storage and loading of compost, lightweight waste components, and slag
  • Wood Processing Industry
    Storage, conveying and metered feeding of woodchips and bark
  • Paper Industry
    Silo storage and conveying of paper pulp
  • Sewage Treatment Plants
    Transport, silo storage, and truck loading of pre-dewatered sludges from filter presses, screen belt presses, or centrifuges
  • Incineration Plants
    Receiving stations tor predewatered sludqes, Surge storage and spreading of sewage sludges. Silo storage, transport, and truck loading of fly ash and residual materials
  • Drying Plants
    Sludge receiving stations, surge capacity storage, metered feeding of dryers; in-plant handling, silo storage and loading of dried sludges


The optimum material handling system can only be achieved by the use of specifically designed material activation and discharge systems. Using knowhow based on experience acquired in the design and construction of facilities of this kind.


FLSmidth focuses on the use of the following systems:

  • Sliding Frame Type Activator "ATG-GL I GLO" 
  • Rotor Type Activator "ATG•S I BOO 
  • Live Bottom Type Activator "SZB"

All types of activators operate in combination with:

  • One or several extraction and metering units (screw conveyors or TKF drag chain conveyors)
  • Fixed or infinitely variable speed electric or hydraulic drives

First In - First Out
FLSmidth's discharging systems guarantee an optimum material flow, from top to bottom. The system design largely eliminates problems associated with core flow and material segregation. The "first in – first out" principle is ensured by the activation and discharge of the entire silo bottom area.

Metered Extraction
FLSmidth's extraction screw conveyors are commonly designed with flights increasing in pitch. They are installed over the entire length and width of the silo or bunker opening, whether the discharge position is at the ends or mid-point of the conveyors. Metering is achieved using hydraulic or electric motor drives with fixed or variable speeds dependent upon the individual requirements of the application.

Silo discharge system