QCX/BlendExpert - Pile

State-of-the art technology for accounting and optimizing on stockpile build-up

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On-line PGNAA (Prompt Gamma Neutron Activation Analysis) technology is the state-of-the art technology for accounting and optimizing on stockpile build-up. Thus, the  powerfull features of QCX/BlendExpert-Pile for accounting and optimization on material feed and stockpile build-up are designed with particular emphasis on PGNAA, but does also support schemes based on traditional sampling techniques (typically, a sampling tower).  The add-on module: QCX/BlendExpert-AQL offers additional power in form of quarry planning functionality such as keeping track of blast chemistry and truck traffic planning. A unique smart features for fully automatic updating of blast/bench chemistry is obtained from the combination of PGNAA technology and the GPS-option for QCX/BlendExpert-AQL.

Based on the on-line elemental PGNAA analysis of the monitored material stream(s), QCX/BlendExpert-Pile continuously integrates material tonnage and analysis figures and compares the achieved product quality with the target quality. Optimal feed rates are calculated, presented and optionally - pending project specific details - automatically implemented. The optimizing takes into account current pile tonnage & chemistry, target chemistry, available raw materials in the quarries, material costs and process delays from crusher to stockpile etc.
QCX/BlendExpert-Pile can be configured for any number of homogenizing stockpiles incorporating one or more PGNAA analyzers. By a  stockpile is understood either a circular stockpile or a longitudinal stockpile consisting of two sections: one being stacked and one being reclaimed. So-called bypass sterams may also be accounted on. The sofware functionality is split into accounting and options for optimizing and/or sorting. For general functionality of QCX/BlendExpert such as basic principles and available optimizing algorithms, please refer to the  QCX/BlendExpert Product Profile.





QCX/BlendExpert - Pile
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The QCX system structure supports in principle any elemental analytical device and any combination hereof. While a control application based solely on PGNAA will provide adequate and satisfactory control performance, the QCX concept offers a unique option for combining the PGNAA based on-line control concept with the laboratory XRF spectrometer. While not a mandatory feature, this option is recommended for the following reasons:

• it automates analytical bias compensation, which normally is part of a PGNAA based control scheme

• it offers redundancy at a low cost since any cement plant has a laboratory XRF spectrometer

• it enhances analytical reporting though the different stages of the cement making process