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Controls the proportioning of raw material feed to stockpiles

Quality Control Blend Cement Mills QCX BlendExpert blending Mill mixer
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QCX/BlendExpert™ controls the proportioning of raw material feed to stockpiles, raw mills and cement mills or other process blending systems to obtain the desired chemical product quality with respect to chemical constraints, process constraints, material costs etc. Complemented by functionality for quarry operation planning and chemical mass balance and mix design calculations the QCX/BlendExpert suite of application modules supports quality optimization from quarry to bagged cement.


The typical application of QCX/BlendExpert is material feed set-point control based on periodical analysis of representative samples of the controlled material stream. The analysis data are received automatically from the laboratory XRF spectrometer and/or from on-line XRF or PGNAA analysis devices. Upon completion of an analysis cycle, new feeder set-points are calculated and automatically positioned. The control algorithms support off-line control modes (e.g. manual set point positioning or operator inserted analysis/production figures).

Stockpile accounting and associated application specific control utilities are supported by the QCX/BlendExpert-Pile application module. Recent software development focuses on PGNAA applications and offers unique accounting and graphic data presentation facilities. Raw and cement mill control applications are handled by the QCX/BlendExpert-Mill module.

The QCX/BlendExpert software is licensed to the number and type of stockpiles, number of raw mills and number of cement mills. The simulation option is also licensed separately. Key configuration parameters such as number of material sources for a stockpile, number of feeders for a mill, delay/retention times for the process equipment, silo system specifications and much, much more are accessible to the user. This Product Profile mainly addresses general QCX/BlendExpert features. Please refer to the QCX/BlendExpert-Pile respectively QCX/BlendExpert-Mill Product Profiles for application specific  details.
Qcx Blend Expert-Mill

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