Coarse Pulverising

Industry standard large capacity pulverising mills and bowls

  • Coarse Pulverising

Practical innovation has resulted in Essa becoming a market leader in sample preparation product development.

Our pulverising mills have been the cornerstone of the assaying industry for 20 years and are used extensively on mine sites, exploration camps and in commercial and research laboratories around the world. We pioneered large capacity fine pulverising using our unique bowl and disc grinding elements.

We offer a total package of sample preparation solutions that cater to a range of demanding requirements – from complete laboratory installations to mobile or containerised units to specialised applications.

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Disc Mill: Model DP200

  Bowl and Disc Type Bowls

Micron Mill

Feed Size: <12 mm

 Nominal Capacity: 640 g - 3,500 g

Feed Size: <15 mm

Product Size: 0.075 mm

 Steel Type: Standard & Chrome

Product Size: 95% <0.250 mm

Throughput: 15-150 kg/h

Suitable Mill: LM5, LM2, ABM2, LM1.5 & LM1

Capacity: 1-8 kg


Pulverising Mill: Model LM5-C

Pulverising Mill: Model LM1-P

Pulverising Mill: Model LM2-P

Feed Size: <20 mm

Feed Size: <20 mm

Feed Size: <20 mm

Product Size: 90% <0.075 mm

Product Size: 95% <0.075 mm

Product Size: 95% <0.075 mm

Capacity: 1.0-3.5 kg

Capacity: 0.04-0.80 kg

Capacity: 0.04-1.60 kg



Auto Batch Mill: Model ABM2

Feed Size: <10 mm


Product Size: 95% <0.075 mm

Capacity: 1.60 kg