MAAG™ MAX Drive three-stage Mill Gear Unit

The MAAG™ MAX Drive vertical roller mill gear unit offers a three-stage system, including an axial thrust bearing and torque split for compact design. It is designed to drive mills up to 15 MW via two equal gear units.

MAAG MAX Drive vertical mill three stage gear unit
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Technical Data

The Max Drive is a three-stage spur gear unit with torque split. Two equal gear units operate the girth gear around the central part on two flanks.

Advantages of MAX Drive design

  • System with only two drives for power up to 15,000 kW
  • System can be operated at reduced power with one drive only
  • Compact design due to torque split in the gearbox
  • Equal load distribution guaranteed via elastic ­couplings
  • Design based on our proven technology

MAAG MAX Drive range
Power range 5000 to 15,000 kW


Girth gear
The girth gear is a fabricated design made up of two or four segments. The ring where the toothing is located consists of high-quality alloy steel and is rolled and bent. The rib is made out of ordinary carbon steel and is welded to the ring. Internal stresses are eliminated by heat treatment. With these processes a homogenous crystal structure in the base material of the toothing is ensured, thereby achieving significantly higher fatigue and wear resistance compared to cast girth gears. 

Electric motor
As motor we have adapted the standard motor design to our application. It is a squirrel cage vertical motor with roller bearing and shaft end with spline connection.

Lubrication system
The gearbox is lubricated by a closedcircuit oil system. The oil tank serves as a platform on which all the assemblies and components such as motor pumps (high and low pressure), switchable double oil filter, oil cooler and instrument panel are installed. 

Your reasons to choose FLSmidth MAAG Gear

  • Short installation time
  • Easy access for service and maintenance
  • High standardization ­degree of drives and ­central part
  • Simple foundation for drives and central part
  • Forced lubrication of all gearing and bearings
  • High efficiency
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MAAG MAX Drive vertical mill three stage gear unit