This robust, highly efficient radial fan is designed to operate in demanding environments with efficiency above 80%

HAF fan
  • The basics
  • Design
  • Maintenance

Key benefits

  • Fan efficiency up to 84%
  • Designed for the harsh conditions of the cement industry
  • Simple installation – single suction type requires only one suction pipe connection
  • Rigid support in elevated concrete foundation
  • Optimal rotor stability and thermal endurance
  • Minimal maintenance




How they work

These high-pressure fans are suitable to generate a flow of clean or dust-laden gas or air. Flow rate: up to 160 m3/s; pressure: up to 20,000 Pascal.

Available in several sizes, the HAF fan can withstand continuous operation at flow temperatures up to 400°C and 450°C for short periods.


Typical applications  

  • Kiln ID fan (for clinker production – ILC, SLC-D, SP, ILC-E and other kiln systems)
  • Raw mill fan (for raw meal production and grinding – ATOX, FRM, TM, TUM and other raw meal grinding systems)
  • Cement and slag mill fan (for cement grinding – OK mill systems)
  • Coal mill fan (for coal grinding – ATOX, TM and other coal grinding systems)
  • Dryer crusher fan (for clinker production – EV dryer crusher systems)
  • Flash dryer fan (for raw meal production)

Design highlights

  • Single suction type fan
  • Suction box forms an integral part of the spiral-shaped casing
  • Shrouded impeller with backward curved blades
  • Impeller positioned between the bearings
  • Wear protection on impeller and in casing if needed
  • Several access doors enable inspection of the impeller
  • Dynamically balanced impeller ensures vibration-free operation
  • Shaft is fitted with cooling discs to prevent overheating of bearings
  • Self-aligning, spherical roller bearings mounted in oil lubricated bearing housings. Bearing housings located on heavy bearing brackets
  • Motor power is transmitted via a flexible coupling


  • Thermal sensors and vibration monitoring
  • Inlet louvre damper and actuator for regulation
  • Emergency (barring) system for rotation of shaft in the event of power cut
  • Jet pulse system for on-line cleaning of impeller

Moderate maintenance requirements

Maintenance requirements for the fan type HAF are very moderate, and lubrication frequency depends on operating conditions. Bearing temperatures up to 100°C are acceptable.