Dryer Crusher

Easy to maintain, the reliable dryer crusher crushes and dries in a single operation

Dryer crusher
  • The basics

Key benefits

  • The dryer crusher handles soft, sticky, low-abrasive materials
  • Crushes and dries in one operation
  • Handles raw materials with any moisture content
  • Withstands very high temperatures
  • Extremely reliable and long-lasting
  • Low maintenance costs and easy replacement of wear parts
  • FLSmidth can test your raw materials to evaluate the feasibility of the process and service life of the hammers

Material feasibility check

FLSmidth laboratories offer testing of your materials in a pilot plant to evaluate the feasibility of processing in a dryer crusher and the subsequent service life expectancy of the hammers.

How it works

The FLSmidth Dryer Crusher is specially designed to handle soft and sticky, low-abrasive raw materials such as chalk, clay and slurry.

The dryer crusher is built to expertly handle very high temperatures of 400°C to 800°C, crushing and drying in a single operation.

As the raw material passes through the hammers, coarser grains fall back for further pulverisation, and the water content of the raw material is reduced to approximately 1%.


  • Hammer lip speed spans 26 to 33 m/s depending on the material and process
  • Outlet temperature between 130°C and 150°C
  • Hammer service life can exceed a full year and hammers can be replaced without dismantling the hammer rotor
  • Heat from the kiln preheater exit gas is recycled for drying


Gear, auxiliary drive couplings and lubrication unit are mounted on a common base frame facilitating easy erection and maintenance.

The straightforward construction houses no elaborate parts, thereby increasing hammer mill drier reliability, simplifying servicing and reducing maintenance costs.

Hammers can be replaced without dismantling the hammer rotor.