ATOX® Raw Mill

This highly efficient mill grinds all types of raw materials – saving both space and energy while delivering outstanding performance

  • The basics
  • Maintenance

Key benefits

  • Reliable operation/high uptime
  • High separation efficiency
  • Low pressure loss to minimise energy use
  • Handles all types of raw materials
  • Minimal space requirements

How it works

The ATOX® raw mill uses pressure and shear generated between the rollers and the rotating table to crush and grind raw materials.

Feed material is directed onto the grinding table by the feed chute. The rotation of the grinding table accelerates the material towards the grinding track and passes it under the rollers. Coarser material and bigger lumps drops through the nozzle ring – and is eventually recirculated into the feed material inlet.

Moisture evaporates almost immediately as the gas stream carries the finer portion of material to the separator. The separator allows material that has reached the required fineness to leave the grinding mill and sends oversized material back for further grinding.

Design advantages

  • High-performance separator and optimised airflow ensure high separation efficiency and low pressure loss for energy savings
  • Unusually large rollers permit coarse feed and ensure a thick grinding bed for maximum uptime
  • All impact forces and dynamic reactions are small and vertical and thus easy to accommodate – prevents mill stops
  • Segmented wear parts for table and rollers allow use of the most wear-resistant materials and/or hardfacing for long life
  • Reversible roller segments ensure high material utilisation
  • External circulation limits fan power consumption
  • Feed sluice ensures low false air flow and steady feed flow for minimum power consumption and optimum mill production
  • The ATOX raw mill is easily adaptable to high airflow required by especially wet or easy to grind materials

Plan ahead

Systematic and planned mill maintenance is important for vertical grinding mills, where measurements and visual observations should be conducted during stable operation. Use your stoppage inspection to conduct trial tests, measurements of the roller and a table wear profile.

Rollers bearings

With the sealing air and roller lubrication system the roller bearings in the grinding rollers are protected best possible. Proper replacement of filter cloth for sealing air fan and replacement of oil filter elements when needed will result in long and trouble free operation.

Rollers, grinding table

Wear on rollers and the grinding table is your biggest maintenance challenge. It is important to regularly measure the roller and table wear profile, since worn rollers or table segments result in production loss and increased power consumption.

Roller wear segments can easily be reversed or replaced while inside the grinding mill – that is, without taking rollers out of the grinding mill. The separator reject cone is provided with rail and trolley for that purpose.

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