Emmison Gas Analysis

FLSmidth has a full range of stack emission equipment capable of meeting any national or international standards or legislation

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Protect the environment

Emission analysis does not directly support the production of cement or minerals. However, as many cement and minerals production permits are granted based on emission limits and the implementation of online emission measurements, it is in the general a compulsory installation.

The emission system configuration can only be determined after a specific site evaluation in the context of the legal requirements, production permits and plant layout. Most systems are installed in the stack, and the emission application typically requires the utilisation of both extractive and in situ systems. The various analysers are operated according to differently principles and require calibration to be effected according to specific procedures and time frames. All emission results must be reported to the authorities according to a specific normalised format, which also documents the operation and correct calibration of the analysers. Since this task is often too demanding for the plant to handle an option for a plug-and-play solution has been developed.

Plug-and-play solution and reporting package

This solution comes in a pre-built on-site unit housing the GASloq CUBE which handles all needed analysis equipment through one common HMI interface. This setup will take care of the correct handling and operation of all the analytical equipment. This solution can further be extended with a reporting package, called ECS/StackGuide. This application collects all data in a normalised format according to equipment configuration in order to accumulate emission reports based on any averaged time span required.

The ECS/StackGuide can also provide full integration into the ECS/Control system, if installed, which expands the potential use of emission data even further. If a calibration routine is required as a part of a performance standard for the analysis system, the same HMI based system will be able to control and document the process.

FLSmidth Emission Gas Analysis systems

  • Guarantee compliance with national standards and plant permits 
  • Include all required gas analysis emission components to be measured
  • Provide one common easily operated interface for all analysers
  • Plug-&-play solution for easy compliance and installation
  • Fully compliant and integrated ECS/StackGuide solution for emission reporting
  • Full program of dust, flow pressure and temperature measurements to normalise the emission analysis

Emission gas analysis (CEMS) 

Emission gas analysis is defined by local national legislation and performance standards. We are able to supply preconfigured solutions to meet European Union and US-EPA standards. All our solutions will be in compliance with standards and pre-approved during site testing of emission control equipment and emission analysis.

ROI: If the plant operating permit is based on emission values, utilisation of an emission system is compulsory by law. If emission control equipment is in use, emission gas analysis can reduce operation cost, e.g., Hg abatement by activated carbon.

Typical components measured: O2, CO, CH4, CO2, NOx, SO2, THC, HCl, HF, NH3, H2O, Hg, Dust (PM), Opacity, Flow, Temp, Pressure (Others on request).