Focus on the equipment user

High-quality equipment with proven track record and standardized equipment layout for common operation, maintenance and spare parts

Gas Analysis Equipment
  • Overview


  • Simple equipment design focused on easy maintenance
  • Standardised equipment layout for common operation, maintenance and spare parts
  • High-quality equipment with proven track record
  • High level of process knowledge optimises equipment utilisation and adaption to process conditions
  • Worldwide experience and service coverage

Ease of maintenance

The success of any gas analysis solution installed on a cement or minerals production line will never be greater than the success of the maintenance department. If the maintenance department is unable to keep the equipment in trouble-free operation, the plant will never be in a position to utilise the potential data provided by the gas analysis equipment. In order to support the success of the maintenance department, FLSmidth has done its utmost to keep the design of FLSmidth equipment very simple. This will support the fastest training, operation and easy maintenance of our equipment compared to any competitor. Anyone depending on a high-temperature gas analysis system operating in a potentially condensed dust-loaded process knows that any probe will eventually blocked. We confront this issue and have designed systems which can be fully cleaned out in a matter of minutes without any dismantling.


Quality of equipment

We use only high-quality materials and components. The quality is defined based on 40 years of experience with materials and a proven component track record. System designs for various applications will normally use common parts in order to reduce the total number of parts required, lessening the need to keep many parts on stock. All gas analysis systems undergo a full-size test and quality assurance program (ISO 9000) and no equipment leaves the production facility until such tests have been successfully passed...

Run factor 

In the final analysis, the run factor of the equipment is the key factor. Our unique designs and ability to integrate effective solutions and to adapt to specific process conditions enable us to offer equipment with the highest run factor available. Our in-house cement and minerals industry gas analysis experts are highly trained and capable of getting the most out of FLSmidth Gas Analysis Technology.