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FLSmidth Gas Analysis GASloq solutions are built on the same platform for easy training and operation and common spares

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FLSmidth Gas Analysis GASloq systems

  • High- and low-end solutions for process and price adaption
  • Built-in process knowledge increases run factor
  • All solutions are built on the same platform for easy training and operation and common spares
  • Optional LiveConnect remote service hardware for on-site support
  • Various external communication standards such as Profibus, TCP/IP, ModBus to match plant control system platform

Gas conditioning system 

The two GASloqTM gas conditioning system variations are designed to cover the demand for basic gas analysis (GASloq 600) and for more complex gas analysis tasks (GASloq 1200). Both systems have a standardised default configuration, which can be extended to integrate additional demand for analysis or connected utility equipment. Both systems can be supplied integrated into the GASloq CUBE site housing for plug-&-play installation on site.

The GASloq 600 and 1200 cabinets contains all equipment for gas analysis conditioning, electrical components, industrial controller for system operation and external communication. From the GASloq cabinet, the gas analytical system is operated via a HMI interface.

The gas conditioning components of the systems will be identical for almost all parts regardless of application. This means that for any given application where a GASloq 600 is used, the gas pump or the cooler will always be identical in other applications where this system is used. The same goes for the GASloq 1200 cabinet. This reduces the need for storing spare part components since the same part can be used in several systems.

Basic operation and functionality for a GASloq 1200 will be identical for any GASloq 1200 system regardless of application. The same goes for the GASLoq 600 system. This makes training of site personnel much easier and reduces the amount of time used for operation – because if you are capable of operating one GASloq system, you will be able to operate any other GASloq system.

Gas conditioning is offered in a range of different configurations. The standard is cold dry extractive analysis at 5°C. If sulphur gas content presents a potential problem, optional peroxide dosing can be added. For applications with high sulphur gas content where SO2 is required for analysis, a super chiller in the gas conditioning system to cool the gases down to -30°C.

GASloq 600

Gas conditioning - GASloq 600


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