Dorr-Oliver Large Diameter Disc Filter (LDDF)

Dorr-Oliver Large Diameter Disc Filter - The state-of-the-art filter for highest filtration capacity

Dorr-Oliver LDDF in Operation
  • Large Diameter Disc Filter

Filter Characteristics

The Dorr-Oliver Large Diameter Disc Filter is a high capacity vacuum filter for maximum product throughput at minimum footprint requirement. With up to six parallel discs with a diameter of up to 6.0 m the filtration area can be up to 285 m² in one machine resulting in minimum installation costs. Hydraulically optimized filter components, including the sectors, the centre barrel and the control valve in combination with the 40 sector/40 channel design the performance of the filter is outstanding.

The Large Diameter Disc Filter is primarily used for mass filtration of good filtering products, such as alumina hydrate and coal but may be selec requiring maximum filtration area on a small footprint.


Available Filter Sizes

  • 5.5 m dia. LDDF series: 40/80/120/160/200/240 m²
  • 6.0 m dia. LDDF series: 47,5/95/142,5/190/237,5/285 m²


Main Features

  • HiFlow hydraulic design for highest filtration capacity and lowest cake moisture
  • Reliable cake discharge by advanced blow back design
  • Large diameter discs with 5.5 or 6.0 m diameter
  • High speed filter with up to 6.0 rpm disc speed
  • Multiple discs with up to 6 discs per filter
  • Multi-channel design providing 40 channels for 40 sectors per disc
  • Special design for quick and simple filter bag replacement
  • Improved slurry agitation by discs running in multiple low volume troughs
  • Improved sector and rim fixing system resulting in proven long-term mechanical reliability
  • Extended cloth life time due to modern sector design and improved cloth cleaning features.



Large Diameter Disc Filter Brochure
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