Extra Heavy Duty Drum Filter

Specially designed for dewatering Taconite, Magnetite, Hematite and other iron ore concentrates.

Extra Heavy Duty Drum Filter, Dorr-Oliver design
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The new Extra Heavy Duty Drum Filter is FLSmidth's answer to one of the most important steps in iron ore processing - the dewatering of highly abrasive slurries for pellet feed.
The drum filter has always been one of the most economical dewatering methods. With the Dorr-Oliver and Eimco technology, FLSmidth kept on through the years improving their filters re-designing them to continuously changing demands of modern technology.
In the recent years, however, the problems in the beneficiation of iron ore made it necessary to re-design the heavy duty drum filter to improve productivity and the abrasion-resistance to reduce the maintenance costs and downtime.
The answer to this demand is the new Extra Heavy Duty Drum Filter.
The Extra Heavy Duty Drum Filter - designed for maximum efficiency and minimum maintenance.
Extra Heavy Duty Drum Filter, Dorr-Oliver design
  • Higher number of cells with cake discharge below horizontal line rotation point 
  • For more efficient filter cycle and easier free gravity cake discharge 
  • Increased filtrate pipes diameter for higher filtrate and airflow capacity 
  • Increased diameter of Automatic Vacuum Valve for higher filtrate and airflow capacity. These features result in lower pressure losses, better filtrate flow and increased operating efficiency as well as higher production and drier cakes 
  • Air sweeping pipes to accelerate the filtrate discharge from the filter cells and facilitate cake discharge 
  •  Filter cloth washing during operation with negligible dilution of the slurry in the filter vat for continuous filter cloth regeneration and constant high capacity 
  • More efficient slurry agitation in the low submergence filter vat for better selection and even cake formation for drier cake 
  • Agitator with variable speed for correct speed (strokes) to keep slurries in homogeneous suspension 
  • Continuous extended overflow device for higher slurry density and higher capacity
Extra Heavy Duty Drun Fillter for Iron Ore


Extra Heavy Duty Drum Filter Brochure
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