Lime Mud ClariDisc Filters

The EIMCO® Lime Mud ClariDisc® Filter is the latest advancement in lime mud dewatering technology.

Lime Mud ClariDisc Filter
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The Lime Mud ClariDisc® uses the center barrel and sectors of the White Liquor ClariDisc® Filter but applies vacuum just like the drum filter. The disc design allows a much greater filtration area in a smaller footprint with a lighter floor load per unit area. Agitation is acheived by eductor, which allows lower vat solids that a mechanical agitator can safely support. The lower solids, either by feed dilution or filtrate recirculation, improve the soda recovery and discharge solids. Hard alloy scraper blades are used and the disc-type HiPAC® is standard.

Size Range: 4 - 18 Discs
Maximum Capacity: Over 1,300 M.T.P.D. of lime mud solids

Rotary vacuum filters, operating with a small lime mud precoat, are available either in mild steel or stainless steel construction. The precoat is continually renewed without the need for operator control and batch reprecoating. Close fitting stainless steel hoods are provided with exterior mounted wash pipes for easy cleaning and elimination of any fumes. The discharge blades have ultra hard metal blade tips to ensure clean cutting of the filter cake.

The EIMCO® Lime Mud Precoat Filter is available in a wide range of sizes up to 155 m2 of filtration area. All sizes share the design features of high capacity filtrate piping, simple rotary vacuum outlet, stainless steel hoods, rugged box section scrappers and hard alloy scraper blades for long service life.

Size Range: 10 - 155 m2 of active filtration area
Maximum Capacity: 900 M.T.P.D. of lime mud solids