EIMCO White Liquor ClariDisc Filter

The EIMCO® White Liquor ClariDisc® Filter is the state of the art for White Liquor filtration.

White Liquor ClariDisc Filter
  • White Liquor ClariDisc

Precoat filtration produces Whiter Liquor turbidity less than 20 ppm and a high solids discharge. This high efficiency liquid / solid separation reduces the hydraulic load on upstream equipment, lowers Weak Wash TTA and volume.

Pressurized operation prevents heat loss by flashing and virtually eliminates oxidation. A displacement wash applied inside the machine eliminates the need for downstream mud washing. Floating stuffing boxes and external bearings on both ends virtually eliminate major downtime maintenance. Agitation is supplied by a patented eductor system that uses the energy of the feed stream to prevent settling in the vat.

Size Range: 4 -16 Discs
Maximum Capacity: Over 11,000 m3/ day of filtered white liquor