Unmanned Operation of Dry Bulk Equipment

FLSmidth® BulkExpert™ allows an optimized and unmanned operation of dry bulk equipment.

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The use of advanced automation technologies in the dry bulk industry has become a key success factor to establish an efficient, high-quality and competitive supply chain that is significantly improving the “capital efficient tonne” output.

FLSmidth® BulkExpert™ is a unique, patented solution that focuses on unmanned and optimised operation of dry bulk equipment. BulkExpert is the only system that uses a 3D laser scanning system combined with a dedicated RTK-GPS array to produce real-time, full-terrain information of the stockyard. With 10 years of onsite software development, done under critical operating conditions at import terminals with multiple material types and grades, BulkExpert is accurate beyond what any human operator can achieve.

The introduction of BulkExpert state-of-the-art automation technology for dry bulk equipment has made it possible to obtain an unmanned and optimized operation of any type of stacker/reclaimer, ship unloader/loader and train loader system on the market.

With the advanced BulkExpert system comes three key advantages:

  • improved equipment utilisation.
  • better stockyard utilisation.
  • higher machine safety



There are currently more than 30 BulkExpert systems in operation with various combinations of stacker/reclaimers, ship loaders/unloaders and train load-out stations. Customers have reported on a range of benefits that all lead to reduced operating costs, including:

  • up to 15% higher equipment efficiency
  • reduced labour costs by having only one operator in a central control room to run all operations
  • more homogeneous flow rates
  • significant reductions in maintenance costs
  • increased quality prediction
  • better energy utilisation
  • greener profile.


System and Features:

The concept behind the BulkExpert technology is to complement the conventional PLC control on a stacker/reclaimer, ship loader/unloader or train loader with an additional dedicated industrial control computer that continuously executes advanced mathematical algorithms necessary not only to run the machine in an unmanned mode, but also to achieve the highest possible utilization of the machine.

The BulkExpert solution can be expanded with a variety of different add-on systems such as:

  • real-time synchronization and material tracking between stockyard and loading/unloading facilities
  • visualisation of multiple material types in the stockyard represented by colour-coded cubes that can be viewed in various 3D, 2D or cross-sectional views.
  • volume/tonnage data to be used for survey reporting.


BulkExpert is a mature and proven solution designed to unleash the full potential of dry bulk stockyard equipment and is therefore a system that should be considered to keep your capital investments as low as possible while maximizing throughput, minimizing operating costs, and delivering the capital efficient tonne.

Unmanned & optimized operation of dry bulk equipment
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Automated stockyard system cuts operational costs
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