Mangement Information system

The ECS/PlantGuide Keeps track of a valuable corporate asset, the Production History

  • ECS PlantGuide™

Characteristics of ECS/PlantGuide

Each business day many companies discard a valuable corporate asset, their Production History.

The purpose of the ECS/PlantGuide system is to integrate, archive, treat, analyse, and report plant data for the Plant Management use.

Today's plants are typically supported by several computer systems linked together by Local, Wide Area or Satellite Network. This network of computers usually contains a MIS System, a Lab system, Business Administration and Office Automation Support. All of these computer systems require real-time process data for production analysis, inventory control and customer billing.

The ECS/PlantGuide System's server makes process data available to any client that has a requirement, regardless of physical location.

The ECS/PlantGuide System is based on a true Client-Server structure. The dedicated server collects and archives data in the server database. ECS/PlantGuide clients can then be used to display and analyse data. ECS/PlantGuide is an open system complying with Microsoft standards. With proper authorisation any client has access to the server database through standard Automation Interfaces.


"The basic function of the ECS/PlantGuide system...

... is to empower plant and corporate managers with tools designed to analyse and improve the plants with high efficiency, quality and with lower costs"


Mr. Joju Jacob 


Mr. Joju Jacob
Global Product Manager
High Level Control Systems